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 D. Canaan
Garage Tools

Coming soon, a list of useful shop tools purchased or fabricated.

Welding / Plasma Cutting Table

There are several versions of this portable welding table with an anodized sheet metal top with slots for clamps.  It works fine for welding- far better than it should and has replaced my main welding table for most quick projects.   I picked up a plasma cutter and it needs to have work projects supported while being cut out.  This means whatever surface I use has to be sacrificial.  Eastwood tools has one that is made of slats and is about $150-200.  That's not bad, really, but the cost of shipping is the killer and that drives the price up.

I made my own using a second welding table with a new top made.  I matched the height with the original welding table so I could use it as a second support as needed as well.