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 D. Canaan


Useful files of interest

Body Rotisserie:

There has been a lot of interest in building a body rotisserie using a pair of engine stands.  Back when I was first starting this project, nobody had done a rotisserie with this method.  I just thought about what I needed and looked around at what already existed.  I chose engine stands as they were overbuilt for the process, cheap, and easy to work with.  If the vertical masts aren't extended, then  the body tub can't tilt 90 degrees completely, but mostly.  I drew up my plans and posted them into the Totally Triumph forum when it was around.  

Fast forward to more recently when I decided to make a new set of stands to work on my Spitfire and looked around the internet to see what people were using.  Turns out a whole lot of the links pointed back to my very first design!  Okay, there were some flaws in it, but I have improved it a lot.  Adding bolt on outriggers helps for stability.  I also cut the mast and added some rectangular tubing that slips over the orginal mast to allow more vertical adjustment.  I pondered adding hydrolics, but best to keep it simple.  I need to redraw the stands with the new mods, but here's the original set of files:

Voltage Regulator Diagram:

Adjusting voltage regulators can be a magical art, and not one I was godo at until I dug into the subject enough to figure out what each relay does exactly.  I drew up this illustration to help explain it.  There will be a write up on this over in Projects when I get a chance.

Bonnet / Hood lettering placement:

In restoring the bonnet of the Mk3 "Giles", I had to fix some previous repairs and some of the original holes for mounting the chrome letters across the front had been lost.  I had a spare damaged bonnet that had a good nose on it that still had the holes in it for the mounting.   I made a printable template that you can use to locate the mounting holes correctly.

Letterguide - Left Side
Letterguide - Right Side