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All images and content 2015
 D. Canaan

On August 26th, 2000, FD 23167 was towed to its new hom in Federal Way, Washington, about 20 miles south of Seattle.  It ran when it was parked, but could not be started when attempted at the seller's home.  A bit of work with a spare set of SU carbs the next day and it was running great!  The body is decent with only very minor rust on a rocker panel behind the passenger side door and on the boot lid lip.  

BODY: FD 23167
ENGINE:  FC 70635HE  1296cc L4

That's a special plate authentic for 1968 and is a permanent issue.  The tabs/tags on it are also 1968 and the car will never need to be relicensed.  Pretty nifty!

The interior is black with a veneer dash. 

An unexpected move forced the Spitfire, "Giles" to take a long extened nap in storage until 2013 when a new home purchase with garage gave room for the car to come home where it can be worked on where there space and tools available.