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All images and content 2015
 D. Canaan



Attacking the side sills, starting with the passenger side.   Pretty nasty rust on the sill and the worst on the car that needed to be addressed.  I had the replacement metal ready and experience enough to be fairly confident I could make it work.  I had to cut the side sill outer metal out and do a very long seam, but it did work out nicely.  The other side has a repair to be done as well, but the damage is a tiny amount by comparison.


The floors are now fully installed, welded, sealed, and coated with underbody bedliner.  I ended up going with Iron Armor that is available through Harbor Freight as it had the best reviews of installations that were several years old in harsh environments.  It wasn't terribly expensive and is available both in gallon and spray cans.  

All surfaces were treated for rust, painted, seam sealed, primed where needed and then coated with the bedliner.  Took about two days to do it properly start to finish for two coats inside and out of the floor pans and interior areas.

No need to slather on the seam sealer like a drunken monkey on a Friday night at quitting time.  

Interior needed to be treated next.  All was cleaned of any dirt or debris.  What looks like rust was remains of carpet adhesive and easily removed.  They sure look different from original to fully treated and ready.

This will take a good 2 days to cure enough to touch after two coats, and likely 5 or so for it to fully cure solid.  Lower temps are affecting the duration since it's 50F in the garage currently.

Making a lot of progress!  Next up will be the side sills.  More metal work ahead, which I actually enjoy now.